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Fully Customizable:

  • Your own app branded with your name, logo, and color scheme
  • Upload your own content
  • Set your own price
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Built from the ground up

The Air Trainer platform is based off of the success of the Holly J Fitness app, built by personal trainer Holly Janiszewski and originally launched in early 2020. After spending the majority of the first year testing and learning, it became clear which features and functionality were most successful. In early 2021, we decided to turn the HJF app into a platform. This platform - the Air Trainer platform - allows other applications to be built from it, all sharing the same core functionality, but each with their own backend and branding.

Optimized for your own content

Most other personal training and fitness platforms operate by allowing you (the trainer) to "build" workouts using a library of pre-recorded or animated movements.

This is NOT Air Trainer.

Air Trainer allows you to upload your own content - your own videos, images, text, etc. Your content is what your audience is most familiar with. You've already built your own brand, leverage it with Air Trainer.
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Your logo here

Update the color scheme, add your own logo, and make it feel like your brand - right from the start. This is your own app, with your own custom domain, for your own clients.

Monthly Mode vs Category Mode

You Choose

Monthly Mode

Workouts are released each month

Keep your content fresh and build community by releasing new workouts each month. Release as many (or as few) as you'd like.

This option is best for trainers who are building their library of content, and want to release workouts in batches to their audience. Every subscriber gets access to the same workouts at the same time.

Category Mode

Workouts are released by category

Organize your content into customizable categories (i.e. "Bodyweight", "Core", etc.). You create your own categories, and assign which workouts fall within them.

This option is best for trainers who already have an established library of content. Every subscriber gets access to everything (similar to how Netflix works).

workout Page

Bring your content to your clients

Upload full length, on-demand videos of each workout. Also provide a workout description, list the equipment, then break down the workout into a warmup, circuit, and finisher (or whatever format you'd like!)

Workout Page

Organized and easy

Provide an HD looping video of yourself performing each movement, so that your subscribers can always have proper form and stay safe. Subscribers can either follow along in the full-length on-demand video, or do the workout on their own by following the individual movements.

Fully Responsive

Accessible on Desktop, iOS, and Android

Your app runs on desktop too

Your app is fully responsive, which means that your subscribers can access your app from their phones (iOS & Android), or their computers.

Subscribers can even stream to their TVs in order to view your content on even larger screens.

Installable on Home Screen

The application is built as a Progressive Web App (PWA), built on a modern, scalable technology stack.

Custom Theming

Work with our team to theme your app with your brand's logo, colors, and other assets.

Subscription Based

You set your own prices, and your clients pay monthly. Funds are distributed to your account on a rolling basis.


$500 to launch

To launch your app, we charge $500. This covers everything required to get your app designed, built, and launched - all reviewed and approved by you ahead of time.

Once your app is launched, we charge $5 per transaction.

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